Sports Blogger SportyFive Is Plagiarizing Me

One of my coworkers told me the other day that she’s an amateur novelist, and was chagrined to find somebody impersonating her online and claiming to have written one of her books. That made me curious since I write as well, so I did a little Googling of my posts. As it turns out, my essay about FIFA forcing the Iranian women’s soccer team to forfeit because they play in conservative hijab had attracted the eye of another blogger, sports site Sportyfive. This toad, this son of a goat, this Saif al-Islam Gaddafi of the blogosphere thought it would be alright to post my content as if he had written it himself. I politely asked him the other day to properly attribute the post, and there has been no reply; if you look at his site it seems to be entirely content scraped from other sites. As a student of the Middle East, I’d be quite content with his hand getting cut off for theft, but instead I’ve alerted his domain’s host of what’s going on, and let them know that they’ll be served with a DMCA notice (you can do it from the comfort of home!) if they don’t take care of the matter.

Life lesson, kids: attribute your content. Like this:

From Sahih al Bukhari (Authentic Hadith of Bukhari), M. Muhsin Khan’s translation:

Narrated ‘Aisha:

The Prophet said, “The hand should be cut off for stealing something that is worth a quarter of a Dinar or more.”


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