John Allen Gay is an employee of a small D.C. foreign policy think tank and an alumnus of Syracuse University and the College of William and Mary. His research focuses on security issues and the Middle East, with emphasis on Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, and Israel/Palestine. His interests include terrorism, smuggling, and grand strategy.

The views expressed on this blog do not necessarily represent the views of any of the institutions with which Mr. Gay is affiliated; this is a personal blog.

Some of this blog’s content is carried by MENASA, a project to bring young thinkers together to discuss intersections between the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States.

The content of this blog is also carried by the open government think tank Government in the Lab. Go to their website to see what the diverse community of bloggers there is talking about!


One response to “About

  1. John,

    I am the Founder and CEO of Government in The Lab (http://www.govinthelab.com) and we are a site focused on delivering, through a world-wide collaborative effort, information on government and politics across the world and across multiple languages.
    I read your last two blog posts and feel that our readers would gain a lot of knowledge from the work you are doing. Would be interested in becoming a contributor to Government in The Lab.
    If you decide to join you need only let me know and I can setup our newsroom to automatically share posts from your site that are relevant to our readers. I would just need a photo and bio you would want to use, and the RSS feed to use.
    Thanks for taking the time to consider this.

    John F Moore
    Founder and CEO
    Government in The Lab

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