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Is Iran’s Oil Ministry–and OPEC–Run by an Idiot?

I just watched Talk to Al Jazeera’s latest, an interview of Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi by Teymoor Nabili. I hadn’t seen more than photographs and brief quotes from Qasemi before, so it was quite interesting to see him speaking at length. Watch a few minutes of the interview, get a feel for the man–is it just me, or is he a bit slow? It takes about  ten minutes for him to say anything that, in translation at least, doesn’t sound like one of his assistants bullet-pointed a Wikipedia article on the international oil market, and the entire time his eyes are half-closed as he speaks in a monotone. (One wonders whether he’s gotten into Iran’s ample supply of opium.) Most of his answers seem to be little more than a statement of the most basic and uncontroversial facts about whatever is being discussed. His reply to a question on whether OPEC would cut production quotas now that Libyan production is coming back online provides a sample of the trivialities that dribble from his ample jowls:

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Odd Twist in the Case of Imprisoned Al Jazeera Reporter Dorothy Parvaz Sheds Light on Syrian and Iranian Crises

Dorothy Parvaz, an Al Jazeera reporter, was arrested several weeks ago while trying to enter Syria to cover the unrest there. Al Jazeera mounted a major publicity campaign to win her freedom–a practice that has worked in several detentions in the past. Syria only acknowledged that they were holding her several days ago. In a surprising move, Ms. Parvaz has apparently been deported to Iran.

The image al Jazeera has been running to publicize Parvaz's detention. (Al Jazeera)

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