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Live Blog: Israeli PM Netanyahu Addresses the U.S. Congress

(Image via Cjournal)

10:50am: In about ten minutes, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is going to address the US Congress. This address will likely be the culminating point of Netanyahu’s visit to the United States. I’ve argued before that  the uproar over Obama’s remarks on the ’67 borders is contrived, as it reflects a  long-standing US position and is flexible enough to accommodate fears of “indefensibility.” Netanyahu was not speaking to Obama when he made his critical remarks. He was speaking to his fragmentary domestic coalition and his supporters in the US. Today’s address will be another opportunity to address those audiences, and to reinforce a trend noted by other commentators in which the Israelis have been increasingly able to leverage American domestic forces.

11:00am: Congressmen are filing in. My updates may be sporadic–my wireless is being strained by the thunderstorm rolling in here in Southwest Virginia.

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